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"Hollywood Piano School of the Performing Art is a great place for young aspiring pianists to learn, develop and perfect their skill to the best of their ability. I went to their Grand Opening back in April, and was sold on the spot after attending one of their free trial lesson. I signed up for the month, and have been constantly taking lessons there ever since then. All the teachers were really nice, welcoming, and not to mention truly passionate about teaching young students. They are also really flexible about rescheduling, which is something I appreciate.  Being a full time student with also a part time on the side means that life can get incredibly hectic sometimes and I'm glad that they were really willing to work around my schedule. 
In the past months, I was assigned Mr. Valery Goldes as my teacher and I ve been very pleased with the progress I made so far under his tutelage. Valery is an excellent teacher with very impressive musical background ( I'll be honest and admit that graduating from Juilliard is pretty impressive). He is not only skillful but also very attentive and always finds a way to make every lesson fun and enjoyable. He is also willing to take suggestion and always tried to make sure I'm satisfied with my lesson. 
Overall, I'm really happy with the Hollywood Piano School so far and I would highly recommend them to anybody out there, regardless of skill levels you are at, who would want to learn more about piano or to improve their craft. Give them a chance and you will not be disappointed (^-^)!!"

-Stephanie P.


"Great school to go to! Got all the fundamentals down as well as advanced methods of playing the piano. I will definitely be back to learn the bass guitar next. I love that they have a wide selection of different instruments that you can learn.!"

-Kendall A.



"Music classes always seem expensive!  All the times all we want it's something that is worth our money and that is something that place offers. I have been taking my younger brother for a few months now and it's incredible to see how improved he has after these months. I strongly believe that this is an important investment for my brother's future. He enjoys it so much and likes the teachers. I've personally seen how the teachers interact with the students and it's something that I like. They are patient with the students and all they want is for the students to succeed. They are interested in the students education rather than them making money. Their main priority is the students which is great. Hollywood piano is an excellent place for anyone of any age to make their dreams of being a musician come true."

-Edward C.


"This place was recommended to me by a friend of mine since I've been looking for a piano for my little boy! The have a great collections and you can a rent a piano as well. Not to mention they just opened a music school on the second of floor of the store. How convenient and hear the teachers there are highly trained. Would be excellent place to learn music! keep up the good work!!!"

-Chelsea J.


"I would recommend Valery Goldes to everyone that wants to learn playing the piano, beginner or advance. After my 12 year old took Piano lessons with different teachers and was discouraged by their ways of teaching she wanted to quite playing the piano. After my wife and I decided to give it another chance and find her another teacher in NY. We asked Valery if he can give my kid a few lessons. It was a different experience. My kid became more enthusiastic about playing the piano. I think Valery gave her the motivation and the foundation for playing the piano. We are hope to move to LA soon and when we found that Valery is in Hollywood Piano School we are sure to contact the school in the near future.
Neuman Family :)"

-Ehud N.


"I took few lessons piano lessons with Valery and things has been just going great. He is very patient and knowledgable. I used to play as a child but than had a very long brake and wanted to refresh my skills. Valery does very good job teaching and he helps me stay motivated. It is really fun to work with somebody who is passionate and enthusiastic about his job."

-Katarzyna K.


"Finally I found the best music school! My kids Alan and Leon took guitar classes in New York state. After moved to California we decide to continue. 
Teacher John is awesome ! Greg is very kind and helpful person. He is help enrolling, papers work. I like the Hollywood Piano School!!!
Alan and Leon are too busy: Kyokushin karate, guitar lessons, Japanese school."

-Oxana O.


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